The doctor visit…life is going to change!!!

Well, my doctor’s visit went almost exactly how I thought it would.  My weight (which I will NEVER tell anyone) was worse than I thought and was a HUGE wake-up call.  The doctor was tough but very understanding.  I told him what has been keeping me from taking better care of myself: 1. the cost of healthy food, 2. laziness, 3. health insurance coverage sucking, 4. stress from money problems, 5. being in pain.  He actually sat and listened to me.  He and I talked about several things we can look into doing to help with the weight loss.  He was truly supportive and told me he will be there to help me succeed.  I will be going for blood work on Wednesday and yes ladies…I’ll be going for my boob squishing (mammogram) in the near future.  I am more determined than I’ve ever been to do this.


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